Sermon Notes

Past and Upcoming Sermon Notes

DateSermon Title.doc.pdf
10-21-2018What is Expected of Me as a Member? (Sermon).doc.pdf
10-14-2018What is Expected of Me as a Member? (Handout).doc.pdf
10-07-2018Jeremiah, Is Anything Too Hard for God?.doc.pdf
09-30-2018David, Is Anything Too Hard for God?.doc.pdf
09-23-2018Joshua, Is Anything Too Hard for God?.doc.pdf
09-09-2018Moses, Is Anything Too Hard for God?.doc.pdf
07-29-2018Envision (Part 5 of 5).doc.pdf
07-22-2018Envision (Part 4 of 5).doc.pdf
07-15-2018Envision (Part 3 of 5).doc.pdf
07-08-2018Envision (Part 2 of 5).doc.pdf
07-01-2018Let Freedom Ring.doc.pdf
06-24-2018Envision (Part 1 of 5).doc.pdf
06-17-2018Super Man.doc.pdf
06-10-2018Life on Fire.doc.pdf
06-03-2018Is Jesus Really in the House?.doc.pdf
01-28-2018My Night: Ending My Day with God.doc.pdf
01-21-2018My Day: Taking God to Work.doc.pdf
01-14-2018My Morning: Getting Started Right.doc.pdf
01-07-2018With the End in Mind.doc.pdf
12-31-2017Developing a Peaceful Heart.doc.pdf
12-24-2017Have a Merry STRESSmess.doc.pdf
12-17-2017Developing a Patient Heart.doc.pdf
12-10-2017Developing a Passionate Heart.doc.pdf
12-03-2017Developing a Pure Heart.doc.pdf
11-26-2017What Are You Waiting On?.doc.pdf
11-19-2017One Way Street.doc.pdf
11-12-2017The Right Connection.doc.pdf
11-05-2017The Good Life.doc.pdf
10-29-2017Don't Forget to Remember.doc.pdf
10-22-2017Circle the Wagon.doc.pdf
10-15-2017When Your Hands are Tied.doc.pdf
10-01-2017The Door is Open.doc.pdf
09-24-2017Turn On the Light.doc.pdf
09-17-2017Satisfied Customer.doc.pdf
08-27-2017Revive Us Again!.doc.pdf
08-20-2017Repair God's House.doc.pdf
08-13-2017Renew Prayer and Worship.doc.pdf
08-06-2017Rediscover the Word of God.doc.pdf
07-30-2017Let the Fire Fall.doc.pdf
07-23-2017Life on Fire.doc.pdf
07-16-2017What if It Happens to Me?: The Fear of Suffering.doc.pdf
07-09-2017Anxiety Alert: The Fear of the Future.doc.pdf
07-02-2017America is Too Young to Die.doc.pdf
06-25-2017All By Myself: The Fear of Loneliness.doc.pdf
06-11-2017The Paralysis of Analysis: The Fear of Failure.doc.pdf
06-04-2017What Really Matters.doc.pdf
05-28-2017Things Worth Fighting For.doc.pdf
05-14-2017Mothers are the Heart of the Home!.doc.pdf
05-07-2017Second Chance God.doc.pdf
04-30-2017The Fugitive.doc.pdf
04-23-2017Joshua, Is Anything Too Hard for God?.doc.pdf
04-16-2017Easter's Magic Number.doc.pdf
04-09-2017Abraham, Is Anything Too Hard for God?.doc.pdf
04-02-2017David, Is Anything Too Hard for God?.doc.pdf
03-26-2017Moses, Is Anything Too Hard for God?.doc.pdf
03-19-2017Preyed on or Prayed for!.doc.pdf
03-12-2017A Doorkeeper in the House of God.doc.pdf
03-05-2017Key to Success.doc.pdf
02-26-2017Is Jesus Really in the House?.doc.pdf
02-12-2017You Don’t have to Forgive Someone who Really Hurts You!.doc.pdf
02-05-2017Everyone Should Believe and Act like We Do.doc.pdf
01-29-2017It’s Okay not to love Certain People.doc.pdf
01-22-2017This Would not be Happening if you were a Better Christian.doc.pdf
01-15-2017I'm so Disappointed in You!.doc.pdf
01-08-2017I Will Give You Rest.doc.pdf